Her yoga journey began after returning from her second deployment with the US Navy. She had back pain that was chronic and crippling, and, when multiple rounds of Physical Therapy did not resolve her issues, desperate to avoid spine surgery, she turned to yoga and though she couldn’t do most of the poses, she felt a difference during her first practice. Since then, things have only gotten better: her pain has disappeared, she sleeps better, she is content, and her body is stronger than she thought possible. Today, her yoga practice is a celebration of what her body can do and a challenge to herself to grow stronger.

Ingrid is passionate about bringing the healing experience she found in yoga to others and modifying the practice to meet each individual’s needs.


Sienna has always been an active person growing up. She has a background in Tennis as well as ballet but her love of yoga began in the winter of 2015. She then eventually developed a consistent home practice.

In 2017, she enrolled for Yoga Teacher Training to acquire deeper knowledge and practice of yoga. She is currently a 200 HR Certified Yoga Teacher.

Her passion is to share the beautiful art of mindfulness by encouraging students to connect with how their body feels through movements and providing modifications and assists as needed. 

Sienna believes in yoga as a powerful tool to empower the breath, quiet the mind, and strengthen the body.


Lizette Ayala creates health and wellness systems for busy adults and families.  She is a certified Yoga (RYT500), Pilates and Well-Being Coach, and has a degree in Public Health and Well-Being from George Mason University.  

In addition to traditional Hatha Flow and Vinyasa yoga, Lizette blends movement systems and has created classes like Mindful Movements, Mindful Stretching and Heal in Motion.  

As an advocate for exercises for all ages, and a parent of an athletic teen, she emphasizes intention, goal-setting, thoughtful conditioning, and realistic expectations in how we move in mind and body.