Prenatal Yoga

     Recommended by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Prenatal Yoga is designed to accommodate all the changes the body undergoes while pregnant. Between changes in spinal curvature to changes in hormones and blood volume, the body does a lot to accommodate baby. As a result of these adaptations, it is common for expecting moms to experience back pain, shoulder pain and sciatica. Luckily, yoga is here for you. Prenatal yoga is specifically designed with the pregnant body in mind, with options for all phases of pregnancy. Whatever your birthing plan, whether natural birth or cesarean, whether medicated or unmedicated birth, we support you and want to empower you to have a satisfying pregnancy and birthing experience. 


What to Expect in a Prenatal Yoga Class

     Prenatal yoga classes are dynamic and relaxing in supportive environment. Class begins with circle time, where participants are encouraged to communicate aches and pains so that Ingrid can curate poses for them. Expect poses designed to help pregnant people be more present with their bodies, relieve the discomforts common to pregnancy and foster a sense of community. During class, we practice yoga modified for pregnancy, childbirth education (including pain management tools and birthing positions), relaxation, and tuning in to the needs of our individual bodies. 

No experience necessary – Everyone is Welcome