Experience Flexibility and Strength

     Living life to the fullest requires a lot from our backs. We need flexibility to do most activities in our life. However, every joint in our body has to balance flexibility with strength. For our highly mobile joints, such as the gleno-humoral joints in the hips and the intervertebral joints throughout the spine, muscular strength is required to achieve stability. Thus, it is not good to be overly mobile without building strength in the muscles that support these key joints. Taking the time to work on your balance will help achieve balance in the hips and spine and attain good postural alignment. Over time, it becomes more comfortable and natural to maintain good posture while sitting, standing and active – a feat that requires good alignment and strong core and back muscles.

Challenge Your Balance and Body Awareness to Improve Your Confidence

     One of the challenges to back health is the ability to notice when we fall into bad habits like slouching in a chair. The sense that helps us know what our bodies are doing at a given time is called proprioception. Sound weird? Take a moment, close your eyes, and touch your nose with your right index finger. Special nerves called proprioceptors, allow us to be aware of our muscles and joints day to day. Why is this important? If you are more aware of your body, you will notice when you have poor posture and have the opportunity to correct it.

     In addition to our sense of body awareness, being able to balance requires our core and back muscles to be strong and work together synergistically. Overuse of either the core or the back muscles will result in an imbalance that may be felt in the back and hips. To promote balance between the core and back muscles, we offer multiple variations of all balancing postures. This way, you are able to discover your body’s tendencies, adapt the pose to fit you and increase the challenge at your pace. The result? Increased confidence in your body’s ability!


What to Expect in Class

     Accessible to all Levels. Poses in this class are designed to  challenge your balance and body awareness by introducing standing balance work (which also helps strengthen our back muscles) and explores more intense expressions of our basic movements of the spine (flexion/extension, side bending and twisting) while still leaving time for relaxation. Expect classical poses such as Trikonasana, parivrtta trikonasana, parsvokanasana, and Bakasana with modifications to help you find that “sweet spot” between effort and ease.

No experience necessary – everyone is welcome.

Join Us Monday-Friday from 4:00-5:15PM