Heard Yoga was Good for You but Don't Know Where to Start?

      Balanced Yoga has a lot of great options for beginners. We recommend starting with: Healthy Backs Level 1, Yoga for Neck and Shoulders, Prenatal (if applicable), Post-natal/Mommy and Me, All Levels Yoga and Gentle and Restorative Yoga.



      All classes offer a variety of modifications for each pose so that you can find an expression of the pose that is right for your body. 


      Of course, you are welcome to come to any of our classes as a beginner, so feel free to check out the class descriptions, watch the class previews to get an idea of what poses to expect in class, and try out a new class to change up your routine every so often.


Yoga Etiquette

  • There is no dress code. I recommend comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement and a shirt that can be tucked in.
  • Please take off your shoes before going into the practice room – there are cubes available in the prop storage room to leave your shoes
  • Everything you need is provided – we have lots of props to accommodate all levels of flexibility/inflexibility
  • Please inform the teacher of any injuries, surgeries or pain issues you are working through – this helps us make avoid poses that are contraindicated and helps us offer good modifications for you.
  • If you are going to be late, please let me know so that I can leave the door unlocked for you. Otherwise, I will lock the door sometime during the first few minutes of class
  • During class, if you are not sure what we are doing or a pose causes pain, let the teacher know so that they can help you find an alternative that works for you
  •  Don’t push yourself too hard – yoga is not a “no pain no gain” practice. Instead, yoga is about consistency. The more often you are able to practice, the faster you will experience the benefits in body and mind.
  •  If you need a break, take one. You can take child’s pose, savasana, or whatever pose helps you catch your breath and calm the nervous system. We are happy to help you find a restorative posture anytime during class.
  • If you experience pain after practice (maybe in the next day or 2), please let the teacher know so that they can adapt the practice to avoid any future pain.
  • Please Sign up or cancel your reservation to 6:45AM classes no later than 8PM the night before. When nobody is signed up after 8PM, the class will be canceled.
  • Please Sign up or cancel your reservation to all other classes no later than 30 minutes prior to class – if nobody is signed up, I will not wait around.

Questions? Concerns? Want to Discuss a Specific Situation?

I’m always happy to discuss yoga and provide more details for what yoga can do for your specific situation. Feel free to call, text, or email me:

  •  Ingrid@balancedyogaburke.com
  • (703) 814-0145