Staying Safe During Coronavirus

We are doing everything we can to help you stay safe and follow Virginia guidelines for re-opening. These efforts include:

-Hand sanitizer and hand washing station

-Increasing time between classes to enable social distancing between classes ending and classes beginning

-Sanitizing props and commonly used areas between classes

-No hands on assists or adjustments to maintain social distance between instructor and class attendees

-Marking off spots where mats can be placed to enable proper social distancing

To help maintain a safe environment, we ask that you:

-Stay home if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any influenza or covid-like symptoms as defined by the CDC

-Sign up for class ahead of time. If you are having difficulty signing up for class, please email: or text: 703-814-0145 so that I can sign you up

-Refrain from using blankets. If you would like the support normally provided by blankets, please bring a towel or blanket with you.

We appreciate your support and help keeping everyone safe! 

Our Story and Mission

My yoga journey began after coming back from a Navy Deployment in horrible, constant back pain. My plan was to do another round of physical therapy and hopefully get relief for a few months. All that changed when I was unable to get into physical therapy for 3 months and simply could not wait that long. Desperate, I began searching the internet for alternative solutions to my problem and found yoga. I got dressed and hobbled over to a yoga class down the street from where I lived in Virginia Beach. I struggled through my first class and found some relief, so I kept going.

Over time, I found yoga to be the best decision I ever made for my body. At first, my pain was simply less and flared up less frequently, but as I became stronger, pain slowly disappeared from my life and I began to enjoy exercising for the first time. Fast forward to now, I have never been better in both my body and mind and I am able to do so much more than I ever believed my body capable of.

My mission is to bring the healing I found through yoga to as many people as possible. Right now, it is estimated that 80% of people will experience back pain. Don’t be a statistic – it’s time to end back pain. Come to Balanced Yoga to embark on your journey from suffering to strength.

Our Spacious 1500 sq ft Studio Has Everything You Need to Achieve a Balanced Yoga Practice

Come in Early to Chat with the Teacher in Our Separate Reception Room

Our Fully Stocked Prop Room has Plenty of Equipment to Assist People of All Levels From Beginner to Advanced

We Are Tucked Away Behind Chick Fil-A and Kohls - Check Out the Video Below to See How to Get Here